EOT Crane Gear Box

Gear box
Gear box

Product Description

Gear Boxes and couplings are the HEART of any crane are responsible to a major extent for the performance reliability. The gear units use HARDENED & PROFILE GROUND HELICAL GEARS in R 20 series running silent oil bath and vibration free steel fabricated stress relieved or graded cast iron housing. The gear unit have long life and are almost maintenance free. All gears, pinions and gear boxes conform to DIN-6/AGMA-12 tolerances. The weight/power ratio is optimised by the use of case hardened low carbon alloy steels of high strength (58-62 HRC). The gear reduction efficiency obtained is as high as 99% per reduction.


Description : Akruti Make Helical gear boxes one built on modular Concept of construction conforming to is standards with respect to sizes, dimensions. This Provides economic mass prediction, Comprehensive Maintenance of stocks, favourable delivery period and easy of servicing.
Gears and pinions : The gears are generated with highest Accuracy on hobbing Machine. The material for the pinion and Gear wheel are made of hard wearing special steel of graded strength to meet the individual load conditions. The selection of module, footh profile, and material is made in conformity with speeds, ration, and load conditions to give maximum tooth contact and overlap, thus ensuring most favourable meshing and soundless running.
Housing : Rigid, Robust, Torsion resistant Housing in high grade Cast iron to dampen vibration and resist the heat Max. Capacity produced in most modern foundry foundry in house. Housing in cast steel or fabricated steel be can be supplied if required.
Bearings : Anti-friction bearings of ample size are used throughout to ensure long service life. The useof antifriction bearings ensure high efficiency, correct centre distance and proper shaft alignment. Shaft extensions are fitted with high quality seals to prevent oil leakage and dust entry.
Lubrication : For Normal speeds, splash lubrication is provided by gears dipping in oil. The oil level indicator located in the housing is to ensure a proper amount of lubricant in the housing.
Shafts : Shafts having pinions cut integral are of heat treated alloy steel bars or alloy steel forging. All other shafts are of heat-treated carbon steel and are finished to high precision tolerance by grinding.
Cooling : The heat generated within the gear units is dissipated by a sufficiently large surfaced area of the housing for higher capacities additional cooling is provided by fans, cooling inside lower housing depending on heat dissipation requirement based on power to be transmitted and ambient temperature.