EOT Crane Hoist

Gear box

Product Description

Part List : We offers one of the finest available selection of energy efficient Electric Wire Rope Hoists according to a standard Quality Assurance Plan. The product is widely recognised by the industry for its performance. Optimum use of electrical energy has been taken into account for achieving speeds with liberal margins for voltage fluctuations, ambient temperature, gear efficiency etc.
GEAR Cases : Gear cases in fabricated frames are duly shot peened, stress relived and machined on upto 5 Axis CNC machining Centre.
Frame : Frame fabricated from Steel plates, having rugged construction, is machined & bilted.
Rope Drum : Drum from seamless steel pipe revolves on heavy duty self aligning roller bearings. The CNC machined spiral grooves accommodate rope in one layer allowing two full turns of rope in the drum when the hook is at the lowest position. Drum size corresponds to relevant IS ROPE GUIDE AND RETAINER Cast iron rope guide leads the rope into spiral grooves in the drum and retains it in the grooves preventing over-laping on or loosening off the drum.
Gear & Pinions : We chose to make all their Gears & Pinions in-house ensuring their quality, compatibility & serviceability. All helical gears & pinion integral with shafts are make from case-hardening low-carbon alloy steels and are hardened to 56-60 HRC. These are PROFILE GROUND running in splash lubrication oil bath to give noiseless movement with max efficiency to save on consumed electricity, All gears & pinions confirm to DIN-7/AGMA-12 standard.
Wire Rope : Non-Rotating Hylex type wire ropes of construction 18/7, 17/7 bought from reputed manufacturers, made of best plough steel conforming to IS:2266 with factor of safety appropriate to the class of duty is used with every Wire Rope Hoist.
Motors & Brakes : High Starting torque, crane duty, totally enclosed squirrel cage induction ,motors in international frame sizes of Crompton make are used. Motors confirm to IS:325. All motors used are suitable for 415+10% V,50+-5%Hz,25% min CDF, suitably dearated for higher duties, 50oC Amb. Temperature. D.C. Disc Brake is a standard feature. Motors suitable for different voltages & frequencies can be provided. Similarly, if required, A.C. brakes, D.C.shoe Breake can also be supplied.
Hook Block : Standard forged trapezoidal section hooks to IIS:3815/IS:8610 are used. Hook is carried in steel cross head on thrust ball bearing. The hooks sheaves are supported on ball bearings. Sheave dimensions corresponds to relevant IS.
Control : The operation is through pendant Push Button Station or Radio Remote Control having control voltage of 24V for maximum safety of operator through flush-type hold on push buttons housed in IP-55 enclosure. Electricals of reputed make such as Siemens, Telemechnique, BCM are used. Individual motors are protected by HRC fuses, soild-state overload relays, single phasing & wrong sequence preventers. Limit Switches for over hoisting/over lowering are also provided Soft Start/Soft Stop, AC drives for Stepless Speed Control options are available.
Mechanical : All Gears, Pinions, Rope Drums, Wheels, Sheaves are manufactured on State of Art CNC Turning Centres giving the benefits achieving dimensional accuracies, repeatability & above all perfect profile & contours (which are otherwise difficult to achieve) thus leading to higher fatigue life.
Wheels : Closed die forged from medium carbon steels, these wheels are produced on CNC turning centre for accurate bore & tread profile. Two nos. large dia ball bearings are used for better rolling effect.
Creep Speed : At extra cost pole changing motors are used to obtain double speed or through additional planetary Gear Boxes to any motors. For more precision V.V.V.F.A.C Drives can also be provided.
Overload Limiter : Load sensing overload limiter as per ISO/FEM requirement being introduced for the first time in the country.
Trolley : Electric Wire Rope hoists can be supplied for fixed mounting or with hand gared or electric driven trolley according to the customer’s requirements.